Pipeline networks are the most economic and safest mode of transportation for oil, gases and other fluid products. As a means of long-distance transport, pipelines have to fulfill high demands of safety, reliability and efficiency. If properly maintained, pipelines and storage tanks can last indefinitely without leaks.

If a pipeline or storage tank is not properly maintained, it can begin to corrode slowly, particularly at construction joints, low points where moisture collects, or locations with imperfections in the pipe/tank. However, these defects can be identified by inspection tools and corrected before they progress to a leak.

When you are under the world’s spotlight, it is the silence of our results that are the measure of success. Our team of testing experts are committed to delivering independent assurance and ascertain the integrity of your vessels/tanks.

We lead the way in inegrity test and our track records speak volumes in this regards.

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Below is a list of some clients who totally depend on us for their engineering and other related services:

  • Guinness Nigeria Plc
  • A and E Group Limited
  • Phoenix Oil (Nig) Ltd
  • Fountain Links Ltd
  • J.O Ebenighe Co. Ltd